Strahl will only participate in Cultural Centre Debate if all candidates are treated equally

CHILLIWACK – Mark Strahl, Conservative candidate for Chilliwack—Hope, issued the following statement today:

“It has come to my attention that not all of the candidates for the federal election campaign in Chilliwack—Hope are being permitted to physically attend the All Candidates’ Debate being hosted by the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on Tuesday, September 14th. I have also heard from voters who will be unable to attend in person based on the entry requirements that have been imposed by the Government of British Columbia.”

“In my view, allowing some candidates but not others, and allowing some voters but not others, to physically attend an all candidates debate during an election campaign is unacceptable. All candidates and all voters should be offered the same opportunity to participate in the democratic process with everyone either appearing virtually or everyone being allowed to appear in person.”

“While I am eligible to appear in person, I will only do so if all candidates running in this election appear on the same platform. I would suggest the easiest way to achieve this is to hold a 100% virtual forum, using a similar format that all other local debates in this campaign have used.”


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